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Placidi & Co
27 Middle Road
Park Gate
SO31 7GH



Residential conveyancing
Freehold sale (up to £1,000,000) - £1,000 plus VAT
Leasehold sale (up to £1,000,000) - £1,200 plus VAT
Freehold purchase (up to £1,000,000) £1,200 plus VAT
Leasehold purchase (up to £1,000,000) £1,400 plus VAT
Property transactions over £1,000,000 are quoted on a case by case basis
All fees are in addition to disbursements further details of which can be provided by the office.
All other areas of work
All other areas of work are charged at an hourly rate of £250 plus VAT. Fixed fees, estimated and fee caps can be agreed by contacting the office.