We provide a full range of legal services designed to deliver the best results for our clients.

Our work begins as soon as you call us, and our highly trained solicitors in Southampton guide you through every step of proceedings.

The first step in every case we undertake is to secure an agreed objective by working with you to analyse the available evidence. We will then agree to a strategy and implement it.

Arbitration and mediation in Southampton

Our mediation measures aim to resolve your dispute outside of court. Placidi & Co can assist all parties in negotiating a settlement.

Informal arbitration measures involve reviewing the evidence with the aim of obtaining a quick resolution outside of court.

Commercial litigation services

Commercial litigation can be necessary to gain advantage in longer campaigns. Should your case need to go to court, our expert court lawyers in Southampton are there to support you.

Call our Southampton advocates and commercial lawyers today on 0800 050 93 39, or email us on to speak to one of our solicitors.

Our hands-on solicitors can help you

In both long and short campaigns, the skills you require from our expert solicitors remain the same. Our straightforward process keeps you in the know at every stage.

  • First the issue must be identified, a realistic objective agreed upon and a strategy devised to realise it.
  • A correct assessment can then be given regarding costs.
  • Therefore, less time can be spent dealing with unexpected problems and seeking assistance.

Your objective is our mission, and you can be confident that we will apply our skills and knowledge to deliver the best results for you or your company.